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          Purlin is a supporting structure for the roof and façade systems of a steel structure, which is subjected to constant loads and live loads (wind loads, snow loads, etc.). The calculation of purlin serves as an important part of the calculation of the whole structure. Its specs, material, corrosion resistance, durability and installation are critical factors that not only determine the structural safety, but also have an influence on the actual bearing capacity of the whole purlin system. The flatness of purlin determines the flatness of the envelope system especially that of the façade, which further determines the aesthetic effect of abuilding.



          Thin Cold-formed Steel

          It consists of two parts - Z-Type and C-Type; hot dip galvanizing processed, with galvanizing amount of over Z275 and a yield strength of up to Q345;

          Pre-punched in factory to match the envelope structure, guarantee installation precision and improve construction efficiency.

          Truss-Type Purlin



          In the form of a truss, the purlin that spans 12 - 18m is able to withstand heavier loads with less deflection;

          To bear the same load, the Truss-Type purlin consumes less steel and is thus more economical;

          Increase the distance betweenbuilding columns, reduce the basic workloadfor civil works, and thus further lower the costs;

          Suspension loads, pipelines and ceilings can directly act on the bottom chord of the truss, to reduce the quantity of secondary components, such as suspended beams and ceiling carriers;Various pipelines can travel through the spaces between truss webs, thereby increasing the utilization ratio of indoor space.