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          Wiskind Group


          Founded in 1978, Wiskind Group is mainly specialized in such businesses as manufacturing of steel building products and cold-rolled steel, as well as the trade of coated steel sheets. As a company of the Group and a national hi-tech enterprise, Shandong Wiskind Steel Building Stock Co., Ltd., which was listed on the new third board in 2012, is a specialized manufacturer and service provider of metal systems and steel structure products. Covering a land area of 1,000mu, the group headquarters and the manufacturing base are both located in the Boxing Economic Development Zone, Shandong Province. The production lines that have been put into operation, including sandwich panel, curtain wall, cold storage panel, cleanroom panel and cleanroom doors / windows, all employ state-of-the-art equipment, technologies and production management systems, with product lineup covering: metal façade, metal roof, cleanroom / cold storage systems, steel building and more.


          Over the past 40 years, Wiskind has established a great reputation both at home and abroad, and its steel building products are widely applied in the fields of industry manufacturing, logistics & warehouse, modern agriculture, public buildings, transportation and commercial facilities, which have contributed unique value to the progress and development of each industry. Wiskind people always uphold the operation philosophy of “Mutual Success through Sincerity and Integrity”, and have thus earned the respect and recognition of customers, peers and all walks of life through exquisite craftsmanship and a sincere attitude.

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            Development & Innovation
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            State-of-the-art Manufacturing Base
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            Professional Team
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            Quantity Supplied of atchitetural products

          Steel Building Manufacturing Base

          The manufacturing base of Wiskind SteelBuilding covers an area of 460mu. The production lines that are put into operation employ industry-leading equipment, technologies and production management, with product lineup covering insulated sandwich wall, prefabricated metal panel, cold storage panel, cleanroom panel, Al-Mg-Mn roof panel, constructionof steel structure and more.
          ——  Success through Specialization

          The Color? Series Production Line

          The whole production line was imported from PUMA, Italy, which employs state-of-the-art core production process introduced from the Europe, as well as the six-component onsite foaming technology, to guarantee the stability of product performance, while the application of the ultra-long dual tracks ensures the flatness of the panel products. Upon digestion and absorption of advanced technologies from abroad, Wiskind has developed the all new Color® Series production line, which represents nearly 300 technological improvements, with two invention patents obtained in the fields of bonding technology and Rockwool delivery & lubricant systems.

          The Colorcurtain? Production Line

          The Colorcurtain® production line independently designed and developed by Wiskind is the only automatic production line of metal curtain wall panels in China that integrates both insulation and decoration features, with part of the equipment imported from Germany. The Colorcurtain® products are characterized by great thermal insulation & flame resistant performances, aesthetic appearance, safe structure and convenient construction, so they become high-grade building materials widely applied in office buildings, shopping malls and public buildings for exterior insulation and decoration purposes.

          The Cleanroom Panel Production Line

          The first automatic production line of cleanroom panels in the world was independently designed and developed by Wiskind who fully owns the IP. Compared with a traditional manual production line, the automatic one improves the production efficiency by more than 6 times, and at the same time, the precision, flatness and aesthetics of the cleanroom panels are also remarkably enhanced, so that every of them are truly identical with one another.”

          The Cleanroom Door & Window Production Line

          The line has introduced more than 10 sets of special equipment for production of doors and windows from both home and abroad, including CNC punching from PUMA, Italy; the shear and press brake from Accurpress; the CNC dual-head saw, and the CNC cutting machine of aluminum profiles. From blanking to ultimate forming, the production level of the automatic line is far ahead of other players in the industry. The product lineup ranges from coated steel cleanroom doors, stainless steel doors and melamine doors, to central glazing, fire windows and dimming windows.


          The Cold Storage Panel Production Line

          The cutting-edge equipment and technologies introduced from OMS, Italy feature dual ultra-long tracks of up to 42 meters - the longest in the country - which offer sufficient curing time for PU foaming, and considerably improve the bonding and forming properties of the panels. The equipment is able to turn out ultra-thick (as thick as 300mm) cold storage panels, so as to meet the customer’s special needs for low temperature environment. The advanced PU foaming process avoids the original F11 and 141B foaming agents, which not only ensures better foaming quality, but also truly realizes zero emissions of fluoride during the production process.

          The Research Institute and the Laboratory

          Wiskind has set up a first-class professional Research Institute and Central Manufacturing Laboratory in the country, which has been recognized as Shandong Provincial Level Enterprise Technology Center. The Technology Research Institute established through collaboration with Shandong University is equipped with more than 40 sets of specialized equipment, and dedicated to the testing of physical, mechanical and combustion properties of raw / auxiliary materials and final products, in addition to the R&D of new products. The operation of the Central Manufacturing Laboratory follows the international standards, and product quality control is classified into five modules, i.e., raw / auxiliary material inspection, product testing, process audit and laboratory inspection, which truly allows a seamless quality control process from raw material purchase and production, to inspection of final products, so as to guarantee a stable product quality.

          Development History


          • 1970
            The dream of the Wiskind people originated from Fuxing, a small town in the north of Shandong Province, China. The sheet metal processing workshop in the early stage became known by virtue of its skilled craftsmanship.
          • 1980
            Engaged in the trade and processing of hot dipped galvanized steel sheet, becoming the first enterprise to set foot in the industry.
          • 1993
            Wiskind was incorporated, with five founder shareholders working in close collaboration to open up a new chapter.
          • 1994
            Led the industry to build the largest galvanized steel sheet trade market in North China.
          • 1997
            Expanded into steel building product manufacturing, covering the fields of contour plates, bending parts, slitting and purlins, etc.

          Development History


          • 2000
            The first composite panel production line was set up, with product system increasingly improved.
          • 2003
            Wiskind Steel Building Stock Co., Ltd. and the R&D Center was successively established. Therefore, a corporate group that integrates R&D, manufacturing, service and trade came into being.
          • 2007
            Introduced an advanced PU panel production line from abroad and launched the Color? product series. Obtained the Level 1 Qualification as a Chinese steel structure manufacturing enterprise.
          • 2009
            Recognized as a National Hi-tech Enterprise. Involved in the construction of Germany Pavilion at Expo Shanghai 2010.

          Development History


          • 2010
            Launched the all new hand-made cleanroom panel. Stepped in the cold rolled steel sheet industry and completed the phase I cold rolling project of Shinmade.
          • 2012
            The Group was relocated to the new site, and the 1,000mu Wiskind Industry Park began to take shape.
          • 2013
            The RSS486 roof was approved by FM, the US. The Al-Mg-Mn roof panel was launched, with the aim to explore the public building market.
          • 2014
            Wiskind Steel Building Stock Co., Ltd. was listed on the new third board.
          • 2015
            A brand new insulated curtain wall product, the Colorcurtain? was launched.
          • 2018
            The new production line of cold storage panel created many “firsts” in the industry. Involved in construction of landmark buildings, such as the Citizen Service Center of Xiongan New Area and Qingdao International Conference Center.
          • 2012年
            The Group was relocated to the new site, and the 1,000mu Wiskind Industry Park began to take shape.

          Qualifications &Honors

          Professional qualification

          • ChineseFirst-class Qualification Enterprise for Steel Structure Manufacturing
          • Special Qualification for Design and Construction of Metal Building House (Wall)
          • Special Qualification Contractorof China Metal Maintenance System
          • Professional First-class Qualification Contractor of SteelStructure Engineering
          • Grade B Qualified Enterprise for Steel Structure Engineering Design
          • ISO9001 Enterprise Certified byDual ISO9001 Quality Management System
          • ISO14001 Enterprise Certified by ISO14001 Environmental Management System
          • OHSAS18001 Enterprise Certified by OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System
          • FM FM Approval
          • Certified Enterprise Technology Center of Shandong Province

          Qualifications &Honors

          Corporate Honors

          • National High-Tech Enterprise
          • Top 30 Enterprise in Chinese Steel Structure Industry
          • Top 10 Enterprise of Chinese Metal Building House (Façade)
          • Member of the Board of Directors of China Steel Structure Society
          • Honorary Vice President Unit of China Construction Metal Structure
          • Top Ten Enterprise in Chinese Metal Envelope System Industry
          • AAA Recommended Brand in ChineseConstruction Steel Structure Industry
          • Member of China Pharmaceutical Association of Plant Engineering
          • Member of Chinese Institute of Electronics
          • Member of the Clean Technology Branch of
          Chinese Institute of Electronics
          • Member of the Board of Directors of China Cold Chain Logistics
          Professional Committee
          • Member of China Association of Refrigeration
          • Demonstration Site of National Employee Education and Training
          • Leading Private-owned Enterprise of Shandong Province
          • Shandong Enterprise that Observes Contract and Values Credit
          • Building Energy Conservation Award of Shandong Province
          • Modern Production Base of Shandong Construction Industry

          Contact Us

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